Spring Recap : Valborg

So it’s been nearly a month since the Swedes officially welcomed spring and decided that the winter is over. Yeah, that’s right, after months of darkness and freezing winter, you just need the calendar to tell you that, it’s okay, now the winter is gone. And that’s what Valborg is. I wanted to write about Valborg long ago, but I thought that whenever the weather remains spring-ish for 3 days on a trot, I’ll do that, and Sweden didn’t disappoint me. Now that there are 18+ hours of daylight and weather is mostly pleasant apart from some odd days, everything is becoming very scenic, and I plan to share some of the best photographs showing the best of spring in my next week’s blogs.

Coming back to valborg; So, what happens on Valborg? Every year on the 30th of April, Sweden is set ablaze in the celebration of the emerging spring. This celebration allows everyone to gather around massive bonfires, singing songs to welcome spring, so it’s a signal to everyone to come out of their hibernation and start relishing the weather.

Valborg in Uppsala

When it comes to student towns, they have their own way of making most of any occasion, and Valborg is no different; Uppsala, being a student town, doesn’t celebrate Valborg as another evening festival, it’s rather an occasion for complete day of crazy partying, and it’s something that brings the city to standstill and everyone is literally on streets, I found this video on Daniel’s blog about the streets flooded with students:

I wanted to have a first-hand experience of this in Uppsala, but I couldn’t go, but my friend Olya, who went to Uppsala agreed to be my special correspondent in Uppsala and shared her experience of there with me. So, here are some pictures and a compilation of the videos that she made.

One of the major attractions of Valborg in Uppsala is the famous boat race on the Fyrisån river.

The boat race is accompanied by a carnival-like atmosphere.

After the boat race, everyone gathers in the huge city park afterward.

In the evening, like the rest of Sweden, there is a huge bonfire.

Fire and Fireworks

And this video presents everything in 90 seconds:

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