Welcome to Stockholm! Arrival days and other important info.

This blog post is updated with the latest information from 2018

Welcome to Stockholm and KTH

This blog post has some important information related to the arrival days at KTH, which are organized to ease the arrival process for new students.

Arrival Day services

One of the things about joining KTH that impressed me the most was the Arrival services. They made a lot of things hassle-free and in fact, took away half of the worries. Having pre-decided arrival days not only it makes things convenient but gives a perfect chance to meet people and make new friends.

During the Autumn semester of 2018, there are three official Arrival days for KTH: 1st, 18th, and 19th August. If you arrive on one of these days, the following services are available for you on campus and airport.

On campus services: (August 2018)

  • The Arrival Day site on campus will be open 10:00 ‑ 22:00; (chill out area, refreshments, restrooms, luggage storage service).
  • Key pick up service for students who have accommodation through KTH. When picking up your key on one of the appointed KTH Arrival Days you will also get a free bedding kit (pillow and duvet).
  • Meet current students and representatives from the Student Union (THS). Find out how to meet new friends and sign up for the social activities arranged by THS.
  • Get started with your personal KTH-account. Activating your IT-account enables you to get started with the wifi and familiarize with the settings and the other services included in the personal menu (printers, software and more). N.B. Please bring your passport and a Swedish SIM-card (provided on the bus from Arlanda or by THS).
  • Pick up the Checklist for new students at KTH. It will help you get started on campus.
  • Chill and enjoy additional services such as the free Arrival BBQ (hosted by the Student Union), refreshments, luggage storage service and more.

Airport services:

  • Student guides welcoming you at terminal 2 and terminal 5, between 09.00-21.00
    Approach them – they are expecting you and will happily answer any question you might have and assist you with the last leg of your journey.
  • Free bus transfer service to KTH Campus
    Buses running every hour, starting at 09.00 (sharp) in the morning. The last bus will leave at 21.00 (sharp) in the evening. The bus will pick you up at terminal 5 and will take approximately 45-60 min to KTH Campus. Student guides will be your host on the bus.

The Goodie Bag (Latest info not available)

The students usually get a goodie bag on the bus, I am not aware of the contents of the goodie bag yet. But if you’re interested to know, the goodie bags distributed in 2017 had the following items: (you can be sure for the SIM card, as it is distributed every year)

  1. SIM Card: You’ll get a preactivated free SIM card from Halebop with a month of free usage (1GB Data, 50 Local minutes, 500 Texts), after that you’ll have to reload it, It’s a prepaid SIM card and there is no contract. If you don’t take the free bus then you can collect this SIM card from the Student Union office later.
  2. A water bottle: Tired from a long journey? You’ll get a water bottle as well, feel free to refill it with tap water, Tap water is drinkable in Sweden, and you can refill it from any toilet or kitchen (don’t be surprised to find toilet and drinking water in the same sentence).
  3. Map and Travel Guide: You’ll get a Map of Stockholm and a mini Stockholm Travel Guide as well.
  4. Reflector: Put this reflector somewhere visible, you’ll keep getting reflectors at various career fairs and events as well, keep them all and make your backpack the most reflective thing ever. This will make sure no one hits you while you’re walking on the street during the dark Swedish winter.

Getting to your place from Campus

Once you are at the campus and have collected your keys, you will need to go with the public transport to get to your apartment, for those who are going to live on the campus, they’ll just need to walk.

  • For accessing public transport, you need SL Card. To buy the SL Card, you will need to go to a store called Pressbyrån. You will find Pressbyrån at every metro station, it’s even at the airport in case you wish to buy the metro card there.
  • Please note that you cannot buy the discounted student ticket unless you have a valid student ID (Mecenat or Studentkortet). 

    If you want to buy single journey tickets, then they can be bought at the ticket vending machines or the SL app for 44 SEK, all machines have the option to be operated in English, so that should not be a problem, you can also use SL App for buying tickets.

    What if I come outside the working hours

    If you arrive outside of the opening hours on arrival days there will not be a free transfer bus service from Arlanda airport to KTH Campus. However, there are many other options to get from Arlanda airport to KTH Campus. Read more:   Transportation upon arrival

    Some more information

  • Getting a SIM card is fairly easy in Sweden, once you have landed at the airport find one of these stores – Pressbyrån or 7Eleven (ask for student offer if they have), they are both ubiquitous and sell SIM cards. There would be free wireless internet at the Reception area at KTH.

  • Shopping: ICA, Lidl, and Willys are the stores that I’d recommend for grocery shopping, Coop and Hemköp are comparatively expensive for a student budget. New Yorker, HnM, and Zara are good for buying clothes, Biltema, Jula, IKEA for electronics, (If you want white lights (cool white), you’ll find them at Biltema or Jula only).

  • Swedish metro Etiquette:  Stand on the right side on the Escalators, leave the left half for anyone who needs to walk fast. Don’t be loud while traveling, respect others’ privacy and their personal space. Try not to eat inside the metro.

  • Getting Around: If you intend to use public transport, read this detailed post about accessing public transport in Stockholm.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Stockholm! Arrival days and other important info.

  1. 1 question: you did mentioned that we get a SIM card in our welcome pack as well as another from KTH themselves. What would be your best recommendation?

    And I take all the free SIM is prepaid cards and not the postpaid ones?


    • I guess SIM cards would be a part of welcome reception on 21 & 22. I personally use Telia, Comviq and Hallon have student packs though they are postpaid. Lyca is a cheap alternative if you use a lot of Internet.

      Normally most of us are using either Comviq or Telia.


  2. A question for you.
    What is the best way to send luggage from India to Stockholm?
    I happen to have an excess luggage of almost 10kgs and the airline is charging me at Rs.1500 per kg, which is a lot.
    Any help is appreciated.


    • Hi Shubham,

      You can use Speedpost (Indiapost), send it to your address before you leave (you’ll have it on your Housing Contract), I got some stuff from home, it cost me around INR 5500 for 10kg.

      You can check how much it will cost you on the India Post Website.

      It takes around 10 days to get stuff here, make sure not to put anything which may cause problems in customs, normally food and clothes never cause problems.


      • Thank you Abhineet.
        Also, do you know of any restrictions on stuff like utensils and electronics which can be sent via india post?


        • That I’m not very sure, all I got was food items and clothes, however, I’d advise against getting electronics items for sure. Rest I’d suggest to check with the post office, they might give you an exact Yes/No list for the stuff you can send without paying anything extra at customs.


  3. Hi. I wonder if we have to register for campus and airport services before hand? or do we only have to show a letter of acceptance on campus and airport? and for free bedding kit, is it only valid for KTH accommodation? How about for KTH relocation?
    I would appreciate all information you give. Thank you in advance.


    • You don’t need to register for anything except the free SL card (for which the deadline has passed). You can avail rest of the services without showing any documental proof. Regarding free bedding kit, I would suggest writing to KTH relocation to know if they also provide free bedding kit!


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